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Making dashboards work for you…

Making dashboards work for you…

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How many times have you produced a great spreadsheet with beautiful, stunning charts that precisely use company data to show progress on a project, a marketing plan, or product sales for example  - only to be shot down and asked to go back to the drawing board to take into account some new data or facts?

An entire presentation may be deemed irrelevant if one or two facts are not correct.  If all…

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HeartBleed, your test results came back negative.

HeartBleed, your test results came back negative.

ClicData General

Hi there Clicdata Users!

Just a quick mesage to let you know that after running a series of tests on all of our servers and services, ClicData is NOT vulnerable to HeartBleed.

If you are asking yourself what this is all about, I strongly recommend you to check this article about it,  but in a nutshell Heartbleed is a vulnerability which affects an encryption protocol widely used on the internet…

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Apr 8

Data visualization is an art and dashboard creators are artists!

Data visualization is an art and dashboard creators are artists!

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At ClicData, we believe that “with the right tool and passion” anyone can design meaningful & comprehensive dashboard for its business. By visualizing your data in a dashboard you are turning information into meaningful insights.

Today, not many acknowledge data visualization as a part of Art. A good painting does not necessarily need to have a good composition, design, color and value but it…

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Apr 3

ClicData @ Internet World 2014

ClicData @ Internet World 2014

Service Announcement!

ClicData will be present at Internet World this year in London for the Internet Week between the 17th and 19th of June!

ClicData @ Internet world 2014

Internet World is the only event that enables you to define and deliver all aspects of your digital strategy; from online technology, business fulfilment and infrastructure to connectivity, legislation and information security. 

Don’t hesitate to come and…

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How are you doing? A Joey Tribbiani’s guide to dashboarding…

How are you doing? A Joey Tribbiani’s guide to dashboarding…

ClicData General

One of my favourite characters in the TV series “Friends” is Joey Tribianni.  A simple and very funny character that takes things as they come and looks at life in a very simple way.  One of his favourite lines when it comes to picking up girls is “How you doin’?”  Whenever I meet other business owners, this is typically the first question we ask each other; “How is your business doing?”.  I know…

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Faster! http://wp.me/sMf6o-faster

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Hi ClicData Users!

This morning we made a few changes to the way ClicData calculates and renders your dashboards.

Basically it’s going to be much, much, much faster.

We had some of you building very advanced dashboards with a lot of filters, formulas, conditions etc. we actually had an example of a dashboard which took close to two minutes to display all of its informations.

Well, not anymore!…

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Trend Lines, Pivot Table, New Map Widget… ClicData 3.13!

Trend Lines, Pivot Table, New Map Widget… ClicData 3.13!

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Dear Users,

This week we have updated ClicData to its latest release, v3.13!

So what does the latest iteration of your favorite dashboard application has to offer?

New Pivot Table & Trend Lines

ClicData has a brand new, fully customizable, pivot table to help you sort your data! It also includes a lot of cool features such as a heat map, display of totals and subtotals, full color customization…

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Fill your maps with Data!

Fill your maps with Data!


Hi ClicData user!

With the latest 3.13 update, we’ve added a new map widget which will let you track items based on their geographical positioning either from GPS coordinates or a simple mail address

For example, thanks to the USGS data, we’ve been able to build this dashboard in a few clicks:


Click on the image to access the dashboard

You can follow the earthquake activity of the United States…

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ClicData - An End to End solution

ClicData – An End to End solution

Icon ClicData

Let’s just say that I really like Apple products and I really like Microsoft software.  Then again, I like IBM mainframes so not sure what that says about me but…  here is where I am going with this.

I believe that Apple’s success is that they are beautifully wrapped hardware with software into one aesthetically pleasing device.  Be that the iPhone or the iMac or the iNextThingThatIllBuy.  It…

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Connecting your LDAP to ClicData

Connecting your LDAP to ClicData

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With the February update (17/02) of ClicData comes the ability for our DataLoader to connect to your LDAP directory.

DataLoader can connect from any machine that is in the LDAP domain or outside of it as long as it can connect to the LDAP server.

Connect to any LDAP server using any credentials

Connect to any LDAP server using any credentials

You can also leave all the fields blank ; DataLoader will connect to the domain server as the current user

You can also leave all the fields blank ; DataLoader will connect to the domain server as the current…

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