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The New ClicData.


Hello Dashboard Enthusiasts!

A week ago, we showed the world what the new version of ClicData will look like…

First of all, let me thank you for all the amazing feedback and questions we received during and after the presentation. We had such a great response from the audience that we became even more enthusiast about delivering this new release to all of you!

For those who weren’t able to…

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Discover the new ClicData!

Discover the new ClicData!

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Dear Dashboard Enthusiasts!

A big announcement today as we are inviting you to the presentation of new version of ClicData!

We have reached an important milestone in the development of ClicData’s next generation online data and dashboard application and it’s time to present it to you.

Please join usand participate in our online event, September 4th at 4pm and preview the new interface, features…

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Managing IT Projects - Always a challenge

Managing IT Projects – Always a challenge

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A successful project is defined by 3 dimensions:  time, cost and quality. It is documented that 60% of IT projects don’t satisfy one or more of these terms (IBM statistics). So, what makes the IT projects have such a high rate of failure? We just built a dashboard to go a bit deeper into this issue. You can access it by clicking on the link below:

Why IT project fails? - Click to see full the dashboard

Why IT project fails? – Click to see full the…

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What it takes to drive a start up? Finding investors… a fun ride?

What it takes to drive a start up? Finding investors… a fun ride?

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Now we are at Step 2, Finding the money! (read about step 1 right there!)

Money can be injected at different stages of the start-up growth, from the research activities to building the product and pushing it to the market.

In my experienced opinion”the later the better” so you have a chance to grow your company value before sharing some of the pie.

We have been lucky to sell services while…

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Understanding your neighbors, Geert Hofstede & ClicData

Understanding your neighbors, Geert Hofstede & ClicData

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If you never heard of the Hofstede’s theory, here is a little catch up for you. It is the first quantitative method to analyze a culture depending on a couple of dimensions: Individualism, Power Distance, Masculinity, and Uncertainty Avoidance.

Because we all know theory can be a little boring, I have put a short definition for each dimension in a ClicData dashboard I’ve built today.


Select two…

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Holidays, holidays…

Holidays, holidays…

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After 9 months of break, I didn’t actually get into the working-shape and 8 hours-schedule because I realized that a long weekend will come…due to a public holiday.

I heard that in France there are a lot of holidays. I am not complaining. It is nice to have a long weekend, so I did some research. Just to be prepared for the next ones :)  and I discovered that France is one of the countries with…

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Jul 9

How Analytics helped the Netherlands to qualify for the semi finals of the FIFA World Cup.

How Analytics helped the Netherlands to qualify for the semi finals of the FIFA World Cup.

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I think most of us have seen the movie Moneyball (if not, you should, it’s a great movie), where Brad Pitt decides to rely on the power of data analysis to build a baseball team by hiring the most promising players who aren’t “mainstream”.

Analytics in sport is not something new, and anybody who has been watching a game lately saw that we now just have stats about pretty much everything…

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Jul 1

ClicData & Internet World 2014

ClicData & Internet World 2014

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We are finally back from London and where we had an amazing experience at Internet World 2014!

It was the very first time we were showing ClicData at a trade show and we definitively enjoyed the experience!

Actually meeting some of you who are current users of ClicData was pretty awesome, and while we are not quite there to announce our own “ClicData Tradeshow” yet I can tell you that we are very…

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ClicData raises $1M

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ClicData, a cloud based business dashboards and data warehouse software company, has just raised 1 Million US dollars in funding to support its recent launch.  After opening its doors to small and medium businesses in need to centralize and report on their financial, sales and marketing data, thousands of users have already subscribed in just 6 months of operations.

With 5000+ users and over…

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D - 5 before Internet world

D – 5 before Internet world

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Hi Everyone!

Next week, it will be the very first time we will be showing ClicData at a tradeshow… and we are super excited about it!

We will be present @ InternetWorld in London as part of London’s technological week starting next Tuesday at 10am at Excel Convention & Exhibition Center

If you are passing by don’t hesitate to come and say Hi! We will be running a lot of demos and we will be very…

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